You can set 'Alerts' for both customers and patients.  You can set them for individual customers and patients, and when this is done, you can add a reason, an end date (after which the alert is not shown in the left panel), and notes.

You can also make an alert show for all customers of a given Account Type.

Customer alerts display in the left panel when the customer is displayed, and similarly for the patient alerts.

On the Workflow|Scheduling and Worklist screens, if you select an appointment or task the customer & patient's summary information is shown in the left panel and this shows the alerts as in the snippet shown on the left.

Common usages of alerts are to flag important customers, bad debtors, aggressive patients, and patient allergies.

The administrator creates the available alerts with different ones for customers and patients. (Hence if you want an Aggressive alert that can be shown for both patients and customers, then the administrator needs to create one for customers and and one for patients.)

See Administration|Lookups|Customer Alert and
Administration|Lookups|Patient Alert.

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