This screen is used to create/edit/view the details of the Tills. See Concepts|Tills for background information.

The fields are as follows:
Name - the name of the till
Till Float - the float - ie the amount of cash money to be left in the till when it is cleared as part of the Reporting|Till Balancing|Clear operation
Last Cleared - the date on which the till was last cleared.  Although you can modify this field, you should not normally need to as it is set by the system.
Active - uncheck this box to deactivate the till
Printer Name - the receipt printer name. Used in conjunction with Drawer Command to open the cash drawer.
Drawer Command - a comma separated list of numbers, in the range 0..255 that may be used to trigger the cash drawer to open. The Test button can be used to verify that the Drawer Command can be used to open the drawer.

Locations tab - used to set the Practice Locations which this till is used by

Opening the Cash Drawer

Many POS terminals support opening the cash drawer by sending a set of control codes to the receipt printer. OpenVPMS supports this through the Printer Name and Drawer Command fields.

OpenVPMS will send the drawer command to the receipt printer when:

  • a payment containing Cash, Cheque, or Credit line item is finalised
  • a payment containing an EFT line item with non-zero Cashout is finalised
  • a refund containing a Cash, Cheque or Credit line item is finalised

Consult your POS terminal vendor for the appropriate control codes to use.

Alternatively, see this list.


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