New in 2.3

The following is a list of new features and improvements in the 2.3 release. You should also check Known Issues and the Implementation Checklist.

Features in this release include:

EFTPOS integration

OpenVPMS now includes an EFTPOS plugin API to support EFTPOS integration.
A commerical add-on is available, supporting Windcave terminals.

VetCheck integration

OpenVPMS now includes integration with VetCheck. VetCheck supports generation of digital practice forms with e-signature, digital dental or GA monitoring charts, vaccination certifications, discharge instructions, home care videos, pet healthcare programs & handouts.

See VetCheck Integration for details.


Account reminders

SMS reminders can now be sent for unpaid or part-paid invoices and counter sales.
See Account Reminders for the details.

Add contacts in summary

An Add button is now displayed in the customer summary if a customer is missing a phone number or email address. This can be used to quickly add a new contact.


Tasks for a customer are now displayed in Customers - Information.
Selecting a task switches to Workflow - Work Lists.

Transaction allocation

The allocation of debits to credits and vice-versa can now be viewed in Customers - Account.
This can be used to show which payments paid off an invoice, and any balance remaining to be paid, for example.

Launch external email editor

External email editors can now be launched by clicking on the button displayed next to an email address.

This facility needs to be enabled by selecting the Show mailto: Links option in the Practice.
Note that emails sent via external email editors will not be logged in Customer Communications.

Telephone links

Telephone numbers are now displayed as tel: links, so users can click them to launch the associated phone application, e.g. Skype.


Appointments and tasks

Appointments and tasks for a patient are now displayed in Patients - Information.
Selecting an appointment switches to Workflow - Scheduling to enable check-in/consult/check-out etc.
Selecting a task switches to Workflow - Work Lists.


Estimates for a patient are may now be viewed and managed in Patients - Medical Records - Estimates.

Print & OK for medications

The patient Medication dialog now includes a Print & OK button which is a shortcut for printing the label and then clicking OK.

Show/hide communications in history summary by reason

Communications can now be shown or hidden in Patients - Medical Records - Summary using the Show In Patient History flag of a given communication reason.

This can be used to hide sensitive communications, or exclude a range of communications from view by default.

Note that any communication with this flag unset will still be visible in:


Multiple selection shortcut in Charges and Estimates

All charges and estimates on the current page can now be selected for deletion by clicking the checkbox on the Items header, as shown below:

Items that cannot be deleted, or require single selection for deletion (e.g. they have minimum quantities), will not be selected.

Restricted drugs

Medications with a restricted drug schedule may now only be sold using a Counter Sale if the practice option, Sell Restricted Drugs OTC is selected.


Simplified payments

Payments have been simplified to reduce the number of clicks required to add payment items:

  • An EFT item is added by default
    The payment type is configurable, using the Practice option Default Payment Type.
    Previously, a payment type had to be selected and Add clicked.
  • The payment types are displayed as buttons, to simplify switching from one payment type to another.
    Previously they were displayed in a dropdown list.


Medication label macros

The Label Instructions of a Medication product can now include macros, which will be expanded when the product is dispensed. This enables patient-specific labels to be generated.


Appointment & task notes length

The length of the Notes field in appointments and task has been increased from 255 to 5000 characters.

Default reason for appointment types

Appointment Types can now specify a Reason which will be copied to the appointment when the Appointment Type is selected.

Expand Roster preference

There is now an Expand Roster preference in Scheduling which may be selected to pre-expand rosters displayed at the top of appointment schedules.

Complete button for tasks

Workflow - Work Lists now includes a Complete button to mark the selected task as Completed.
This is a shortcut for selecting the task, editing it and changing its status to Completed.


SMS reply managment

SMS replies can now be monitored in Workflow - Messaging via the SMS Replies tab.

Improved SMS reply visibility

SMS replies are now displayed in:


Prompt if an item is already on order

A prompt will now be displayed when ordering a product for a stock location that has been ordered previously, but not yet delivered. This displays the order details, including the undelivered quantity.

Supplier details on orders protected from changes

To prevent against accidental updates, the Reorder Code, Reorder Description, Package Size, Package Units, Nett Price and List Price fields of a Supplier Order can no longer be changed if they were sourced from the Supplier details of a product.


New document templates

The following document templates have been added:

  • Desexing Certificate 
Patient desexing certificate. JasperReports replacement of the OpenOffice version
  • Euthanasia Consent
Euthanasia consent form
  • General Admission Form
A general patient admission form
  • Microchip Certificate
Patient microchip certificate
  • Prescription
Prescription. JasperReports replacement of the OpenOffice version
  • Prescription External
A template to support external prescriptions
  • Rabies Vaccination Certificate  
Patient rabies vaccination certificate
  • Referral Letter
Patient referral letter. JasperReports replacement of the OpenOffice version
  • Surgical Admission
A surgical admission letter
  • Vaccination Certificate
Patient vaccination certificate. JasperReports replacement of the OpenOffice version
  • Vaccination Certificate (Reminders) 
Patient vaccination certificate that includes upcoming reminders.

New email templates

The following email templates have been added:

  • Customer Base Email
Customer email template
  • Customer Invoice Email
Email template for customer invoices
  • Customer Receipt Email
Email template for customer receipts
  • Customer Refund Email
Email template for customer refunds
  • Customer Statement Email
Email template for customer statements
  • Patient Base Email
Patient email template
  • Patient Estimate Email
Email template for patient estimates
  • Patient Owner History Email  
Patient history email template for patient owner
  • Patient Referral History Email 
Patient history email template for patient referral

New reminder templates

The following templates have been added to support reminders:

  • Customer Grouped Reminder
Grouped reminder template to group reminders by customer
  • Patient Grouped Reminder
Grouped reminder template to group reminders by patient
  • Patient Single Reminder
Template for a single patient reminder
  • Patient Single Overdue Reminder
Template for a single patient reminder that is overdue
  • Patient Desexing Reminder
Template for a patient desexing reminder
  • Patient Collection Reminder
Template for a product collection reminder
  • Patient Collection Overdue Reminder
Template for an overdue product collection reminder
  • Patient Grouped Email Reminder 
Email template for grouped patient reminders
  • Patient Single Email Reminder
Email template for single patient reminders
  • Patient Collection Email Reminder 
Email template for patient collection reminders

JasperReports OpenOffice document generation

JasperReports templates may now be used to generate OpenOffice documents for Patient Letter, Customer Letter, and Supplier Letter document templates, by setting the Output Format to OpenOffice ODT.
This enables letters generated from JasperReports templates to be subsequently edited using External Edit.

Laboratory account identifier merging support

Some offline laboratories require an account identifier to be included in the documentation submitted with the sample. This may be different for each practice location.
To support document merging, Investigation Types now support a list of practice locations which include an Account Id.

These may be used in the template associated with an Investigation Type using the expression:



Archetype installation

Archetype installation is now done automatically when updating the OpenVPMS database.
Previously it needed be done manually, using the toolbox archetype --load command.
Users who customise archetypes must still apply their changes after updating the database.


  • Plugins are now managed in the OpenVPMS database.
    • plugins no longer need to be redployed after minor upgrades
    • there is no longer any need to configure the plugin directory
  • Plugins support is now enabled by default
  • Plugins may now be uninstalled via Administration - System - Plugins
  • The toolbox plugin commands have been expanded:
    • toolbox plugin --install <jar>
      Installs a plugin.
      The plugin will be deployed when OpenVPMS is restarted, or by clicking the Refresh button in Administration - System - Plugins.
    • toolbox plugin --uninstall <plugin key>
      Uninstalls a plugin, given its key.
      The plugin will be undeployed when OpenVPMS is restarted.
    • toolbox plugin --list
      Lists the keys of installed plugins


  • The toolbox configure command now has a --default switch to generate without prompting. This uses default values for MySQL. This can be used for unattended installations.
  • The toolbox database --create command now accepts a --host argument to indicate the host OpenVPMS will be connecting from. It defaults to localhost.
  • The toolbox database --update command now automatically installs plugins from the <OPENVPMS_HOME>/plugins directory, if they have been installed previously.


OpenVPMS now ships with a number of themes that set the colour scheme.
See Administration - Style Sheets - Themes for details.

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