This screen displays the account for the current customer - or if there is no current customer, a Select button allowing you to select a customer.

Note this screen displays the completed financial transactions (ie invoices, payments, etc etc). If you need to look at invoices and payments that are in progress, then you need to use the Customers|Charges or Customers|Payments screens. See also Concepts|Accounting for background information.

The top half of this screen functions like a standard select screen. As well as by date, you can select by:
Type - this can be set to All (ie all transaction types), or one of the various transaction types (just that type)

The bottom half of the screen shows the selected transaction (in the above example a Counter Sale), as well as any line items in the transaction.

The display data will change for each transaction type. If you need help with the meaning of the fields, consult the Charges, Payments and Adjustments documentation.

The Buttons are as follows:
Edit - administratively change the payment types for finalised payments. 
This can be used to correct payment types.
If a payment type is changed (e.g., an EFT replaced with Cash), this will be displayed in an Audit field on the payment, including the time and user name of the person who made the change.
Statement - print, preview, or email a statement for the customer.
Adjust - this allows you to create an adjustment transaction. A confirmation window will open to allow you to select the transaction type.
Reverse - this will generate a transction that will reverse the effects of the selected one. A confirmation window will appear, and if you OK this, the appropriate transaction will be created. This will have its Notes field set to identify the reversed transaction - eg "Reversal of Invoice 123456". Note that you cannot reverse a transaction that has previously been reversed - if you do attempt to do this a message will be displayed giving the Id of the reversing transaction.
By default, when reversing a transaction in the current accounting period, both the reversing and reversed transactions will be flagged as hidden - this option is shown on the confirmation window. However, when reversing a transaction in a prior period, the reversing and reversed transactions will not be hidden - BUT if necessary you can use the Hide button to manually hide them (but this may/will cause 'unbalanced hidden transaction' problems when you print the statement). See also Concepts|Accounting|Hidden Transactions.
Print - prints the selected transaction.
Mail - emails the selected transaction.
Check - checks the customer's balance.
Hide - sets the 'Hide' flag of the selected transaction. The button will only be displayed if the transaction can be hidden, ie it has been reversed, or be a reversal. The transaction will be hidden in customer statements.
Unhide - unsets the 'Hide' flag of the selected transaction. The button will only be displayed if the transaction is flagged as 'Hidden'. The transaction will be displayed in customer statements.

Note that the Edit, Check, Hide, and Unhide buttons will not be displayed unless the user is a member of the Administrator category - see Concepts|Users.


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