This screen allows you to create/view/edit the details for each Investigation Type. These define the Investigations that can be:

  • linked to a product via its Investigations tab
  • added to the medical record
  • automatically ordered via of an HL7 Laboratory

The fields are as follows:

Name the name of investigation type
Description you can use this to clarify the type of investigation
Active uncheck the box to deactivate the Investigation Type
Universal Service Identifier the identifier for the Investigation, when ordering it via an HL7 Laboratory.
Laboratory the HL7 Laboratory, if the Investigation is ordered automatically. Note that the Universal Service Identifier must also be set.
Template tab this is used to display, add, modify and delete the Document Template.  If one is specified then it defines the document that will be printed when the investigation is initiated.  It is normally some sort of form that can be used to request the required test(s). A maximum of one template can be specified.
Supplier tab this is used to display, add, modify and delete the associated Supplier.  If one is specified then will be displayed on the Workflow|Investigations screen. A maximum of one supplier can be specified.



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