Awesome tutorial! 

A couple notes on update.


1)  If you use MySQL full install (aka all bells and whistles) as I needed it for other applications, the new *.msi ver 5.5 is broken.  To fix change the data path to something else, c:\openvpms\data will work nicely:)  Older versions the *.msi works I am told but I wanted the new version as of 11/12.


2) Difficult to run the mysql.exe file from the command prompt for the db imports on windows 7.  I would suggest copying the mysql.exe file from c:\program files\mysql\bin to your Openvpms db directory.  Then opening command prompt from accessories.  Then change directory to your bin directory and then you can run mysql as the tutorial suggests.  Perhaps with MySQL ver 5.5 that option as described in the tutorial has been removed???  Anyway that works well.


Other notes:


Anyways, did a little research and found "Jasper Studio" which is made by Jasper iReports and is very user friendly unlike simply iReports.  It is made by the same company and open source.  It actually will do the little boxes etc lol so more of my cup of tea since I paint as well and am well versed in Corel products.  I would highly recommend it for anyone installing or tweaking their reports.  I'll post a sticky in the Implementation documentation.  I know, I know, another program to download, but well worth it.


Another issue was that the reports were read / write only thanks to Windows 7 security setting (why the primary user doesn't get admin rights seems rather strange, but I suppose if cell phones worked here etc and mobility then it might be useful to prevent tampering.... although I could think of better things to do but c'est la vie.  So something to check if you are having problems.


Thanks again,




cc:// implementation documentation




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