Style - Colours

For most things you can change the display colour via the appropriate Administration screen - for example Users to set the clinician colour on the scheduling and work list screens.  However, for three things you have to change files in the styles directory.

The files default.stylesheet and, are located in the <TOMCAT_HOME>/webapps/openvpms/WEB-INF/classes/style folder. It is sensible to make a backup copy of these files before editing them. Having saved the file(s) you will need to restart Tomcat to get the changes to have effect.

Note that it may be better to use the site over-ride facility - see Style - Site.

The colours are set as Hex codes - see the colour block at the bottom of this page.

Appointment/Task Status
You can change the colours used to highlight the status of appointments on the scheduling screen and tasks on the work list screen.

This can be done by overriding the following from

# Schedule status colours
schedule.pending.colour = '#ffffff'
schedule.checkedin.colour = '#dbf714'
schedule.inprogress.colour = '#ffcccc'
schedule.completed.colour = '#ccffff'
schedule.cancelled.colour = '#cc99ff'
schedule.billed.colour = '#ccffcc'
schedule.admitted.colour = '#ffcc99'


Screen Colours
If you want to change the standard OpenVPMS green background on the screens to another colour, in the file, look for the line containing theme.colour  = '#339933'. Change the 339933 to the get the required colour.  In the same part of the file, you will also find the title, button and selection colours as well as the colours used for the various medical history items.

Reminder Status
You can change the standard green/orange/red settings for the reminder not due/due/overdue status.

In the file, look for the line containing reminder.notdue.colour.  This and the due and overdue lines set the colours. Change as required - but note that this will not change the colour of the red bell icon used to warn of an overdue reminder.

History Colours
If you want to change the colours of items on the Medical Records screen, in the file, look for the line containing "# Patient history colours" - the following lines set the colours for the different items.

Sample Colours
The sample block below shows the hex codes of the set of 'web-safe' colours. You will find 'OpenVPMS Green' in the second column, 10 down.  See also this forum post for a tool to compare colours.

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