This is the Estimates tab of the Visit Editor. See Concepts|Estimates for background.

It is very similar to the Customer|Estimates screen, except that entry is restricted to the current patient only. If an estimate exists for another patient, or an estimate contains multiple patients, then it will be excluded. [Careful observers will note that this is a screen shot from a system using a modified label for the Find button and right justified field labels.]

The buttons are as follows:
OK - save any changes and close the Visit Editor.
Cancel - cancel any changes and close the Visit Editor.
New - create a new estimate.
Edit - edit the selected estimate.
Delete - delete the selected estimate - a confirmation window will appear
Finalise - change the status of the selected estimate to Finalised - a confirmation window will appear. Finalising the estimate locks it from any further changes. If you confirm the Finalise, then a print window will open allowing you to print or email the estimate.
Print - print the selected estimate.
Mail - email the selected estimate.
Copy - copy this estimate to create another one.
Invoice - generate an invoice from this estimate. To ensure that the that the correct clinician is recorded when an estimate is invoiced, the clinician is prompted for unless:

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