As indicated in Introduction|Screen Layout, the system provides a number of different (Customers, Patients, Suppliers, ...) 'workspaces'.

These are so called because the system preserves their contents as you switch between them.  Thus if you call up a customer in the Customer workspace, then go to say the Workflow workspace (by clicking on Workflow in the top menu line, or typing Alt-W), and then go back to Customers, your customer display will be unaltered.

Similar 'remember what was displayed' behaviour occurs within a workspace. For example, in the Workflow workspace there are four topics: Scheduling, Work Lists, Messaging, and Investigations. The displays for each of these is remembered separately so that you can switch between the screens without losing anything.

There is one problem with this 'remember what was displayed' behaviour - what happens if something has changed - ie another user entered a new appointment.  When you return to the Workflow|Scheduling screen, it will be as you left it.  In order to get an up-to-date view, you need to click the Find button or press the Alt-F key.

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