Updating OpenVPMS to version 1.1

This page outlines the required steps to upgrade a 1.0 release OpenVPMS installation to release 1.1.

Step Description
Download OpenVPMS Installation Files
  • Download the latest OpenVPMS Installation files from here.
  • Unzip the Installation Pack onto your OpenVPMS server; This should create a openvpms-release-1.1 folder with the necessary files to install or update OpenVPMS.
Stop Tomcat Service
  • Stop Tomcat
OpenVPMS Database Upgrade
  • Open a command prompt.
  • Navigate to openvpms-release-1.1\update\db folder
  • Start the mysql command line client and enter the following commands
    mysql -u root -p
    mysql> use openvpms;
    mysql> source migrate-1.0-to-1.1.sql ;
    mysql> quit;
Reload the Archetypes
  • Navigate to C:\openvpms-release-1.1\bin
  • Run the archetype load utility  by typing archload
Update the OpenVPMS web application
  • Navigate to the Apache Tomcat webapps folder
  • Delete the existing  openvpms.war file
  • Delete the existing openvpms folder
  • Copy the  openvpms.war  file from the openvpms-release-1.1\webapps  folder to the Tomcat webapps folder.
Start Tomcat
  • Restart Tomcat


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