Users are set up and maintained via Administration - Users.

Each user has:

These determine what the user can do. See User Requirements for the requirements of particular users.

User Groups can also be created via Administration - Groups. These are used only to allow messages to be sent to multiple users and cannot be used to set categories and roles for groups of users.


All users have a Login Name and a Password. Note that:

  1. Only administrators can set passwords
  2. There is no block in the system against multiple people logging on to the system at the same time with the same Login Name - that is if you choose to operate with logins that reflect functions (such as reception, pharmacy, and nurse) rather than names, then there will be no problem with multiple people logging on as 'reception' at the same time. However, in this environment there will be less tracking of who did what since a number of different individuals will be using the same login name.

Names and Descriptions

All users have a name and a description. The name can be anything, e.g. GB, George Brown, or Dr George Brown.  However, there is benefit in using short names (like GB), particularly for clinicians, because it makes it easier to quickly enter the clinician. This is particularly easy if each clinician's name starts with a different letter. If you are using short names, then the user's description should be set to the full name, eg Dr George Brown or even Dr George Brown BSc(Vetbiol), BVMS(Hons). This can then be displayed on forms and certificates.


All users have a 'colour' which determines how their names are highlighted on certain screens - notably the Scheduling, Work List, and Rostering screens.


The system comes with four categories:

  • Administrator
  • Clinician
  • Nurse
  • Reception

Additional categories can be added using Administration - Lookups - User Types. A user can belong to more that one category e.g. a user could be both a Clinician and an Administrator.

Administrators get:

  • an extra 'Administration' entry in the top menu line which allows access to the various administration functions.
  • additional functionality in:
    • Customers - Accounts
      • Check
    • Customers - Information
      • Merge
    • Patients - Information
      • Merge
    • Products - Information
      • Edit
      • Delete
      • Copy
      • Export
      • Import

Only users with Clinician category displayed in the 'Clinician' pull-down list shown on various screens.


  • Roles define what users can do. A user can have multiple roles.
  • Each role has a list of authorities.
  • Authorities define the operations that may be performed to an archetype or set of archetypes.
    There are typically create, save, and remove authorities defined e.g.:
    • Appointment Create - enables the user to create appointments
    • Appointment Save - enables the user to save (i.e. modify) appointments
    • Appointment Remove - enables the user to delete appointments
  • Additional roles can be defined using Administration - Roles
  • Additional authorities can be define using Administration - Authorities.

User Roles

The following roles are included for web application users:

Role Authorities


Perform all operations.

  • All

Base Role

The base role for all web application users.
With the exception of the Administrator and Online Booking roles, all users should be granted this role.

  • Limited set of authorities required  by all users

Account Manager

Manage customer accounts

  • Customer Balance Create
  • Customer Balance Save
  • Customer Charges Remove
  • Customer Order Act Remove
  • Customer Payments Remove
  • Customer Refund Create
  • Customer Refund Remove
  • Customer Refund Save
  • Customer Return Act Remove
  • Till Balance Adjustment Create
  • Till Balance Adjustment Save
  • Till Balance Remove

Account Administrator

Administer customer accounts


If a user is granted this role, they should also be granted Account Manager

  • Bank Deposit Remove
  • Customer Account Act Create
  • Customer Account Act Remove
  • Till Balance Adjustment Remove


Create and remove Prescriptions

  • Patient Prescription Create
  • Patient Prescription Remove

Insurance Claims

Create and remove Insurance Claims

  • Patient Insurance Claim Create
  • Patient Insurance Claim Remove
  • Patient Insurance Claim Save
  • Patient Insurance Claim Attachment Create
  • Patient Insurance Claim Attachment Remove
  • Patient Insurance Claim Attachment Save
  • Patient Insurance Claim Condition Create
  • Patient Insurance Claim Condition Remove
  • Patient Insurance Claim Condition Save

Practice Manager

Manage all customer and patient information

  • Customer All Acts Create
  • Customer All Acts Remove
  • Customer All Acts Save
  • Patient All Acts Create
  • Patient All Acts Remove
  • Patient All Acts Save

Schedule Manager

Create and update Calendar Blocks and Shifts

  • Calendar Block Create
  • Calendar Block Save
  • Shift Create
  • Shift Save

Schedule Administrator

Remove Calendar Blocks and Shifts


If a user is granted this role, they should also be granted Schedule Manager.

  • Calendar Block Remove
  • Shift Remove

Stock Manager

Manage Product Batches, Adjustments, Transfers, Orders and Deliveries, create and update Suppliers.

  • Product Batches Create
  • Product Batches Remove
  • Product Batches Save
  • Product Doses Save
  • Product Prices Save
  • Stock Transaction Create
  • Stock Transaction Remove
  • Stock Transaction Save
  • Supplier All Acts Create
  • Supplier All Acts Save
  • Suppliers Create
  • Suppliers Save

Stock Administrator

Manage Products, remove Supplier Orders and Deliveries, remove Suppliers


If a user is granted this role, they should also be granted Stock Manager.

  • Product Doses Create
  • Product Doses Remove
  • Product Prices Create
  • Product Prices Remove
  • Products Create
  • Products Remove
  • Supplier All Acts Remove
  • Suppliers Remove

System Roles

The following roles are defined for system users, such as plugins or web services.

Role Authorities

Online Booking

Make appointments


This is a restricted role for users created to enable external services to make online bookings (e.g. PetYeti, Vetstoria).
For the purposes of online booking services, only this role is required.

  • Authority to Create Appointment
  • Authority to Save Appointment
  • Authority to Create Act Relationships
  • Authority to Save Act Relationships
  • Authority to Create Participations
  • Authority to Save Participations


Each user has a 'level' from 0 to 9. Reports also have a level. A user cannot run a report with a level higher than their own.


User Requirements

Different sorts of users have different Category and Role requirements.

User Categories Roles
Account Administrators  
  • Account Administrator
  • Account Manager
  • Base Role
Account Managers  
  • Account Manager
  • Base Role
Administrators Administrator
  • Administrator
Clinicians Clinician
  • Clinician
  • Insurance Claims
  • Base Role
Nurses Nurse
  • Insurance Claims
  • Base Role
Practice Managers  
  • Practice Manager
  • Base Role
Receptionists Reception
  • Base Role
Schedule Administrators  
  • Schedule Administrator
  • Schedule Manager
  • Base Role
Schedule Managers  
  • Schedule Manager
  • Base Role
Stock Administrators  
  • Stock Administrator
  • Stock Manager
  • Base Role
Stock Managers  
  • Stock Manager
  • Base Role





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