This screen displays the payments for the current customer - or if there is no current customer, a Select button allowing you to select a customer.

Note that 'payments' are the payments (or refunds) that are currently currently active, ie not yet Finalised. If you need to look at previously Finalised payments etc, then you use the Customer|Account screen.

It is unusual for this screen to display any transactions because both Payments and Refunds are by default created with status Finalised and thus are moved immediately to the Account screen.

This screen functions like a standard select screen. As well as by date, you can select by:
Type - this can be set to All, Payment or Refund

The item area displays the matching transactions. The column headers are self explanatory. Note that the Description column is always blank. You can click on any column header to sort by that column.

The Items tab displays the line items of the selected transaction, and the details for the selected line item. You can click on any of the column headers except Discount to sort the line items by that column. If you need information on the item fields click here for payments and here for refunds.

The buttons are as follows:

New - create a new Payment or Refund - a confirmation window will appear
Edit - edit the selected transaction
Delete - delete the selected transaction - a confirmation window will appear
Finalise - change the status of the selected transaction to Finalised - a confirmation window will appear. Finalising the transaction locks it from any further changes and moves it the the Customers|Account area
Preview - download and display the selected transaction

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