OpenVPMS provides support for managing and using prescriptions. The features are as follows:

  • the prescription information includes the:
    • medication to dispense
    • quantity to be dispensed
    • number of repeats
    • expiry date of the prescription
    • label text; and
    • clinician who created the prescription
  • the system tracks the times dispensed and will not allow dispensing if:
    • it has been fully dispensed; or
    • the prescription expiry date has passed
  • a default prescription expiry interval is set for the Practice
  • prescriptions are managed via:
    • the Prescriptions tab on the Patients|Medical Records screen
    • the Prescriptions tab on the Visit Editor screen, used in the Check In and Consult workflows 
  • prescriptions can be printed
  • prescriptions that have been dispensed cannot be deleted - this prevents the loss of the information about when and by whom the prescription was originally created
  • when invoice line items are being added, the system checks to see whether there is a valid current prescription for the selected product - if so the user is prompted  to see if they want to dispense using the selected prescription or not.  If not the standard medication dispensing process is used.

As indicated above, you do need to set the Prescription Expiry interval for the practice using Administration|Organisation|Practice.

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