This screen is used to create/view/edit the details of the Species lookups.  These determine what patient species are available.

The fields are as follows:

Name - the name of the species
default - check the box to make this the default species
Active - uncheck the box to deactivate the species
Custom Fields - normally this is left at 'None'. The system supports the use of custom fields. To make use of this feature, you need to copy/modify the entity.customPatientExample archetype that is shipped with the system to make archetypes having names matching entity.customPatient* (eg entity.customPatientLastVaccination). Note that if you do make use of this facility, then:
a) for existing patients, the new custom field tab will not appear until you edit the patient, but from then on it will appear for that patient
b) when you are creating a new patient, the custom tab will not appear until you set the species (because the custom field is species specific)

Breeds tab - this is used to set/display the Breeds belonging to the species

Mapping tab - this is used to map breeds to those used in external systems.

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