Contact Purpose

This screen is used to create/view/edit the details of the Contact Purpose lookups.

The fields are as follows:

Name - the Contact Purpose
Active - uncheck the box to deactivate the Contact Purpose


The system comes with a basic set (Billing, Correspondence, Home, Mobile, Postal, Reminder and Work) which will normally suffice. However, you might want to add 'Spouse' or 'Partner' or 'Maid'.

These contact purposes are independent of the Contact Type (ie Location, Phone, Email and Fax).

The system does make use of the Contact Purpose in some situations.

  • When generating Reminders it uses the Reminder contacts
  • When generating Statements it uses the Billing contacts
  • The various JXPath extension functions like party:getCorrespondenceAddress and party:getBillingAddress use the relevant contact purpose.  [But note that ther is no getPostalAddress function.]
  • In all cases the selection logic is to look for the preferred contact of the relevant purpose, if none, then use the first found for the purpose, if none then use the first preferred contact of any purpose.
  • Note however, that the system does NOT look at the Contact Purpose when providing lists of email addresses. For example, if you are emailing a customer invoice, the system will not look for a Billing Contact Purpose. Rather the list of available email addresses is determined by the current workspace as follows:

In the customer and patient workspaces, the To dropdown will include:
- the customer's email addresses
- the referral email addresses
- any practice email addresses associated with the referrals

In the supplier workspaces, the To dropdown will include:
- the supplier's email addresses

In all other workspaces, the To dropdown will be empty.

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