Restrict what products are available at each location

If you have multiple locations, you may wish to limit which products are visible to each location in charges, estimates, reminders and patient documents.

By default, all products are available at all locations, and there is no block against invoicing an item for which there is no record of any stock at the current location. (You will get a no stock warning, but if you go ahead and finalise the invoice, a stock record for that item will be created with a negative quantity.)

If you want to limit what products are available then you need to set the 'Use Location Products' flag in the Practice. Having does this, then:

  • Medication and merchandise products will only be available if they have a Stock Location relationship. That is, there is (or has previously been) stock at the location. To make the product available at that location you will either have to:
  1. transfer stock to that location, or
  2. finalise a delivery of the product to that location, or
  3. edit the product and on the Stock Locations tab, create a Product Stock Location record for that location.

If there has been stock at the location, and you wish to make it unavailable at that location, then you simply edit the product and, on the Stock Locations tab, simply delete the Product Stock Location record for that location. (Obviously, if there is stock at that location, then you will want to transfer it elsewhere before deleting the record.)

  • Service and template products will available UNLESS they have been excluded via their Locations tab.

In addition, templates can indicate what should happen if an included product isn't available at the location. It the the Skip If Missing option is checked then the product will be ignored if it isn't available at the current practice location. This allows a common template to be used that selectively includes products based on the location. The Skip If Missing is not checked (the default) then the template expansion will fail if the product isn't available at the location.

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