SMS Configuration: Clickatell SMTP Connection

This screen is used to configure the SMS gateway for Clickatell. See also Concepts|SMS and Reference|Setup|SMS. The screen is in two parts - the top contains the parameters, the bottom allows you to test the setup.

The fields in the top half are as follows:

Name - the name of the connection
Description - a description which serves to clarify the name
Website - Clickatell's website
Active - uncheck this box to deactivate this configuration
Country Prefix - the country code, eg 61 for Australia, 44 for the UK, etc
Area Prefix - the digit used to prefix the area code, ie 0 for Australia - see also below
User - the user name for the Clickatell account
Password - the password for the Clickatell account
API ID - the API ID provided by Clickatell
From - a valid email address
Reply To - an optional email address - responses from the gateway will be sent here
[1.7.1] Sender ID - the SMS sender ID. If specified, it must correspond to one configured with the Clickatell account. [This field was added in 1.7.1 and is not shown on the above screen shot.]

[1.7.1] Note: If your Clickatell SMS Configuration was created prior to OpenVPMS 1.7.1, you will need to recreate it to access the Sender ID field.

The bottom half of the screen contains:
Number - the phone number to which the test message is to be sent
Message - the text for the SMS message
SMS Button - press to send the email
Email - this panel shows the email that will be sent
Status - this shows 'OK' if all is OK else an error message indicating what is wrong
To get the Email and Status to update you must press the Enter key when the cursor is positioned in either of the Number or Message fields.

Note: The Country and Area Prefixes are used to format phone numbers so that they have the required format. That is, the customer's number will be something like 0413 123 456, but the gateway needs the full international number, ie 61413123456. However, if the customer lives in another country then their number will be something like (for Hong Kong) 852 1234 5678. In this case we can use the full number (without the spaces) 85212345678.

So the logic is:
Does the customer's number start with the Area Prefix? If yes, then strip the prefix and add the Country Prefix else assume that this is an international number and leave as is.

However, there are currently bugs in this code - see

[1.7.1] This bug has been fixed.  The logic is now: if a phone number is prefixed with +, it will be removed, and no other processing will be performed. So +8512345678 -> 8512345678.
All other numbers (ie those without a leading +) will be processed as before.

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