Known Issues

This page documents any known issues that may cause problems. Note that it does not list problems reported against earlier releases of OpenVPMS that are not yet resolved, but rather issues that may cause you problems with this release.

Lost space character using Email Template

If you create an Email Template using an Open Office odt document as its content, and that document contains two adjacent User Fields separated by one space, eg

(here shown after using Ctrl-F9 to reveal the field content)

Then when this shows in the email you may see "Dear MrBloggs" rather than the expected "Dear Mr Bloggs".

The work-around is either to replace the space by a non-breaking space (entered using Ctrl-Shift-space on Windows or Option-Space on a Mac) or use two spaces instead of one. [In the second case, normal HTML processing will replace consecutive spaces by a single space.]

External Edit triggers security dialog each time it runs

If you use the External Edit facility to edit an Open Office document, AND you are using Java 8 update 112 or later then a Java security check window appears each time you use External Edit and its 'do not show this again' checkbox does not work. See also OVPMS-1889

Audit info

Audit info popups display on top of dialogs. To avoid this, click off the audit info before opening dialogs.


Removing a plugin from the deploy/ directory may not uninstall it.

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