This screen displays the payments for the current supplier - or if there is no current supplier, a Select button allowing you to select a supplier.

Note that 'payments' are the payments (or refunds) that are currently in progress. If you need to look at previously completed payments etc, then you use the Supplier|Account screen.

The top part of the screen is a standard select screen. If you need to change the supplier, press the Select button. The bottom part displays the selected transaction and line item details.

Apart from the date, you can select by:
Type - you can select All, Payment or Refund

The fields in the payment/refund header are as follows:
Date - the date on which the payment/refund was created
Amount - the total tax-included amount of the payment/refund
Printed - the checkbox will be ticked if the payment/refund has been printed
Status - the payment/refund status

The Items tab shows the line items in the payment/refund. If you select one, its details will be displayed.  These vary depending on the payment/refund type.  See Edit Payment and Edit Refund for details.

Buttons: For an 'In Progress' transaction the available buttons are shown above. If there are no transactions displayed, then only New is displayed. Apart from the standard ones, the buttons are as follows:

Finalise - initiatiate the process of finalising the transaction. A confirm window will be displayed to let you confirm the Finalise. If you press OK, the status will be set to 'Finalised'. A print window will be displayed to let you print, preview or email the payment/refund.
Print - prints the selected payment/refund.
Mail - emails the selected payment/refund.

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