Create/Edit Image

This is the screen used to create or edit an image document in the patient's medical records. See Concepts|Documents for background.

The fields are as follows:
Start Time - the date on which the entry was created - defaults to today
Description - any pertinent description
Status - this can be In Progress, Completed, or Finalised.  In Progress implies that you are still working on this; Completed implies that you have finished - but the entry can still be editied; and Finalised means that it is really complete and can no longer be edited.
Printed - this box will be checked when the form has been printed
Clinician - the appropriate clinician
Image - press the Select button to attach the file - after the file is attached its name (Bree.jpg in this case) is shown here.

The Versions tab shows the previous versions. Note that you can use the Add button to add another, but you can also use the Select button.  If you use the Select button to attach another file, then the previous 'top' version will just be pushed onto the version list.

Note that there is no problem in adding the same file name twice. Thus if your images arrive in files called img001.jpg, there is no problem if there is already an image imported from a file named img001.jpg.

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