Laboratory Device

A Laboratory Device describes hardware or software used to perform Laboratory Tests.
These are typically automatically created by Laboratory services when synchronising data.

A Laboratory may:

  • require a Laboratory Device be specified in order to perform a test
  • automatically choose from the available devices, if no Laboratory Device is specified
  • not require any Laboratory Device

The fields are as follows:

  • Name
the name of Laboratory Device
  • Description
an optional description of the Laboratory Device
  • Device Id
a unique identifier for the device, issued by the Laboratory
  • Active
uncheck the box to deactivate the Laboratory Device
  • Laboratory
the Laboratory that this device is managed by
  • Locations

the Practice Locations that this device may be used at.
If there are no Practice Locations assigned, this device may be used at any Practice Location.

In multi-location practices, Laboratory Devices that represent physical hardware should be assigned the Practice Location where they are situated.


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