Create/Edit/View Medication

This is the create/edit/view screen for Medication products, ie items which are sold (like merchandise) but which being medication, also need drug labels, dispensing notes, a drug schedule and list of active ingredients. 

The fields are as follows:
Id - the ID of the product
Name - its name
Printed Name - the name that will be displayed when the invoice etc is printed. If omitted, then the Name will be used.
Drug Schedule - the applicable drug schedule (None, or S1 through S8)
Active Ingredients - you can list the active ingredients here. The standard prescription print template will display this text with the label 'Strength'.
Selling Units - the units by which this is sold (eg Unit, Ampoule, Bottle, Box, etc). The available choices are set by the Administrator|Lookups|Units of Measure screen.
Dispensing Units - the units by which this is dispensed - the same choices as Selling Units
Dispensing Verb - the applicable dispending verb (None, Administer, Apply, Give, Inject). This and the Dispensing Units are commonly used in macros to generate dispensing labels.
Dispensing Label - check this box if a dispensing label should be printed for this product
Label Instructions - the preset text for the label - this can be added to prior to printing
Dispensing Notes - here you can add notes (eg Dose - Dogs: 2.5mls bid, Cats: 1ml bid). These will be displayed on the Create/Edit Medication screen
Active - uncheck this box to deactivate the product

See Tabs for a description of the fields in the various tabs.

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