Scheduled Report

Scheduled Report is a job that can be configured to periodically run a report and write the output to a file, email it, and/or print it.

The fields are as follows:

Report The report to run.
Name The job name. Defaults to the report name
Description The job description. Defaults to the report description
Active This schedules the job to run if checked, or prevents it from being run if unchecked.
Location The location to pass to the report. Available via the OpenVPMS.location field.

If selected, writes the report as a file to the specified directory.
The file name will be derived from the report name and the report's File Name Format.

Directory The directory to write the report to. Only valid when File is selected.
File Type The type of file to write. Only valid when File is selected.
Email If selected, emails the report.
Email From The address to email the report from. Only valid when Email is selected.
Email To The addresses to email the report to. Up to 5 addresses may be specified. Only valid when Email is selected.
Attachment Type The type of the email attachment. Only valid when Email is selected.
Print If selected, prints the report
Printer The printer to print the report to. Only valid when Print is selected.
Minutes See Cron Expression
Hours See Cron Expression
Day Of Month See Cron Expression
Month See Cron Expression
Day Of Week See Cron Expression
Run As

Specifies the user to run the job as. This user is required to have permissions to:

  • send notification messages
Notify Specifies the user or user group to notify when reporting has completed.
Notify On Success  

If deselected, notification only occurs when reporting fails.

If selected, notification aslo occurs when reporting is successful.

Parameters The report parameters, obtained from the report when it is first selected.


Cron Expression

The Minutes, Hours, Day Of Month, Month, and Day Of Week fields determine when the job is run, using a simplified version of a Cron expression:

Field Allowed Values Allowed Special Characters
Minutes 0-59 , - * /
Hours 0-23 , - * /
Day Of Month 1-31 , - * ? /
Month 1-12 or JAN-DEC , - * /
Day Of Week 1-7 or SUN-SAT , - * ? /

Note that only one of Day Of Month and Day Of Week may be specified. If one is specified, the other must be set to ?.

If you change the schedule, the new schedule will take effect immediately.



Description Minutes Hours Day Of Month Month Day Of Week
Run at 8am every day 0 8 ? * *
Run at 8:30 on weekdays 30 8 ? * mon-fri
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