This screen displays information about the current patient - or if there is no current patient, a Select button allowing you to select a patient, and a New button to create one.

With a current patient, the screen is as follows:

The screen areas are as follows:

(1) the patient information panel - the fields here are as follows:
name/sex - this provides a link back to the patient's medical records, ie pressing it on the Information screen, takes you to the Medical Records screen
species - the patient's species
breed - the patient's breed
Reminders - this is present if there are active reminders or estimates. See Administration|Types|Reminder for an explanation of how the colours are set
Age - the patient's age
Birth Date - the patient's date of birth
Weight - the patient's last reported weight
Microchip - this is present if the patient has a microchip. Note that this example shows a 15 digit ISO number in 99999999 9999999 format. Note also that if the patient has multiple microchips, then only the last one added will be shown. (However, the description area - see (2) below, will show all the microchips.)
Referral Vet - the referral vet and, if applicable, their practice. This display is controlled by the Show Referrals setting for the Practice.
Patient Alerts - if there are any, these are shown - you can click on the alert to display its details, or if there are more than 4 and 'More...' is displayed, press the View All button to display all the alerts

(2) the select area - this shows the patient's name, sex, colour, breed, and if there are any, the microchip numbers, and one button:
Select - pressing this brings up the Select screen to let you select another patient

(3) the header area - for the descriptions of these fields, click here

(4) the tabs area - for the descriptions of the fields, click here

(5) the bottom buttons - these are as follows:
New - create a new patient
Edit - edit the current patient - note that you will be editing the compete patient record and all the tab items
Delete - delete the current patient - a confirmation window will appear
Check In - checks the patient in - this performs the same actions as pressing the Check In button on the Workflow|Scheduling screen - ie it allows you to check in a patient who does not have an appointment
Merge - merge another patient record into this one - a confirmation window will appear, and if you proceed, a select screen to let you select the patient to be merged in. Note that header information (name, title, etc) of the current patient is retained, but the tab items (customers, identities, etc) are simply combined, and you will need to edit the resulting patient record to delete the unwanted parts. If either patient is desexed or deceased, this will be reflected in the merged patient.

Note that the Merge button will not be displayed unless the user is a member of the Administrator category - see Concepts|Users.

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