This window is used to report on EFTPOS transactions.

The query fields are as follow:

  • Search
Finds transactions by identifier or customer name.
  • Status

Finds transactions by their status. Use:

  • All
to find all transactions.
  • Approved
to find transactions that have been approved by the EFTPOS provider.
  • Declined
to find transactions that have been declined by the EFTPOS provider.
  • Error
to find transactions that have encountered an error.
  • Pending
to find transactions that haven't started.
  • In Progress
to find transactions that are currently under way.
  • No Terminal
to find transactions that were completed without a terminal.
  • All/Date range
Allows transactions to be found by date, or use All to find transactions for all dates
  • Location
Finds transactions by the practice location where they were created. Leave blank to find transactions for all locations.

The results table columns are as follows:

  • Type
The EFTPOS transaction type.
  • Date
The date when the transaction was done.
  • Amount
The transaction amount.
  • Cashout
The cash-out amount.
  • Message
The message from the EFTPOS provider.
  • Authorisation Code
The authorisation code for the transaction.
  • Response Code
The response code for the transaction.
  • Response
The response for the transaction.
  • Customer
The customer the transaction is for.
  • Terminal
The EFTPOS terminal the transaction was done on.
  • Location
The practice location where the transaction was done.

The buttons are as follows:

  • Find
Find all transactions matching the search criteria.
  • Print Last Receipt
Print the last receipt for the selected transaction.

Printing Receipts

If an EFTPOS terminal has Receipt Printer enabled, it is responsible for printing receipts.
However, receipts are also stored with each EFTPOS transaction, and can be printed individually.

An EFTPOS transaction can have multiple receipts (e.g. if a card was declined initially, but the transaction subsequently completed with a different card).

To print a receipt for a transaction, locate it using the search criteria, and click the Print button in the Receipts area.


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