OpenVPMS can be installed on either a unix system (most commonly a Ubuntu server), or a Windows system.  For Windows, for small practices you can install on a desktop or laptop running Windows 7 or 8; for larger practices it may be better to use a Windows Server operating system.

OpenVPMS requires the following to be installed:

    This may be included in the MySQL server installation.

    If you have installed Java 8, you must use Tomcat 7.0.53 or higher.

  • OpenOffice 4.0.x


  • Jaspersoft Studio 6.0.3 or higher
    This is only required to customise document templates.

    NOTE: this replaces iReport Designer which is no longer under active development, and does not work with Java 8. Sites running Java 7* can continue to use iReport Designer, but should use 5.0.4 or higher.

  • MySQL:
    • should be on the same host as Tomcat
    • should accept connections on port 3306
    • include the following lines in my.ini


* Java 7 will no longer be updated by Oracle as of April 2015. OpenVPMS 1.8 will continue to work with Java 7, but users are encouraged to update to Java 8 to receive bug fixes and security enhancements. Java 8 will be required by OpenVPMS 1.9.

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