Stock Management

The Stock Management screen enables you to search for and display stock management transations, ie stock adjustments (where you are increasing or decreasing the stock of one or more items in a given stock location) and stock transfers (where you are transferring quantities of one or more items from one stock location to another).

A typical screen is as follows:

The top half of the screen is a standard select screen. The bottom half shows the details of the selected transaction. If you need clarification of the field contents, see Stock Adjustment and Stock Transfer

Buttons: For an 'In Progress' transaction the available buttons are shown above. For a 'Posted' transaction, only the New and Print buttons are shown (because one cannot Edit, Delete or Finalise a posted tranaction).

The Finalise button applies the stock changes and sets the status to 'Posted'.

Note that there are no reversal transactions to correct incorrect transfers and adjustments. To reverse a transfer you just use another transfer with the To and From locations swapped.  To reverse an adjustment, you just use another adjustment with negative quantities.

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