Create/Edit Medication

This is the screen used to create or edit a medication entry in the patient's medical records.

If the medication entry is being created as a result of invoicing the item, then this screen will only be displayed if the medication product entry has it's Dispensing Label option ticked. It is always displayed to edit the medication entry, or if the entry is being created via the New - Medication button on the Patients - Medical Records screen.

The buttons are as follows:
Print Label - prints the label using the template, 'Drug Label'
New Prescription - creates a new prescription from the medication, copying the Medication, Quantity and Label. The Clinican will default to the current clinician, if any.
Apply - saves any changes.
Print & OK - print the label, saves any changes, and closes the dialog.
OK - saves any changes, and closes the dialog.
Cancel - cancels editing.

The fields are as follows:
Date - the date the medication record was created - defaults to today
Expiry Date - if a Batch has been selected, this represents the Batch expiry date. If not, you can enter the expiry date of the medication. Note that you can enter a relative date (e.g. 2m for 2 months from today).
Quantity - the quantity
Label - the label text- this will be initially set from the medication product record
Medication - the medication product
Batch - the product batch. If selected, this determines the Expiry Date. The Batch dropdown displays all active batches of the medication at the current stock location. The batch with the earliest expiry date is shown first.
Clinician - the clinician
Dispensing Notes - these will be displayed if there are any

Note that if it is important to you that the Dispensing Notes be displayed when the item is added to the invoice but you would not normally print a label (and hence the product's Dispensing Label option is not ticked), you should edit the product to have the Dispensing Label option ticked, but either leave it's Label Text blank, or set to say 'No label required'.

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