Edit Order

This is the screen used to edit orders.

The fields in the order header are as follows:
Id - the ID of the order
Supplier - the supplier to who the order is being made
Stock Location - the stock location for which the product is being ordered
Date - the date on which the order was created
Notes - any pertinant notes to the supplier - these will be displayed on the order
Amount - the amount payable to the supplier (ie the sum of the line item total amounts)
Tax - the total tax amount included in Amount
Printed - the checkbox will be ticked if the order has been printed
Status - the order status
Delivery Status - the delivery status - note that you cannot change this here
Supplier Response - the response from the supplier - note that you cannot enter this here (because if you are editing the order it has not been finalised and thus cannot have been sent to the supplier)

The Items tab shows the line items in the order. Use the Add and Delete buttons to add and delete items from the order.

The line item fields are as follows:
Product - the product being ordered - note that this is our product name, as opposed to the supplier's (given by Reorder Code and Description). This is a link and you can click on it to get to the Product|Information screen for this product.
A warning will be displayed if two or more items have the same product.
Reorder Code & Description, Package Size & Units - sourced from the Suppliers tab of the product, if present. If not, they are editable.
Quantity - the quantity ordered
On Hand - the current quantity held at the stock location
Received & Cancelled Quantity - the quantity received and cancelled - which you cannot set here
Nett Price & List Price - sourced from the Suppliers tab of the product, if present. If not, they are editable.
Tax - the total tax payable for this line item
Total - the total line item amount - this will equal the Quantity times the Nett Price plus the Tax.

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