Stock Transfer Create/Edit

This is the screen used to create or edit a Stock Transfer transaction.

The fields are:
Date - the date of the transfer
From - the stock location from which stock is to be transferred. A user can transfer from any stock location associated with their Practice Locations.
To - the stock location to which stock is to be transferred.  A user can transfer to any stock location. This allows stock to be transferred to another location without giving a user full access to that location.
Reason - an optional reason describing the transfer.
Status - this can be 'In Progress' or 'Finalised'.

Items tab - this shows the line items in the adjustment, and the details of the selected item. The details fields are:
Product - the name of the product
Quantity - the quantity to be transferred. It must be greater than or equal to 1.
Current From Quantity - this shows the current quantity in the From location
Current To Quantity - this shows the current quantity in the To location

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