Getting Around

OpenVPMS provides links and keyboard shortcuts to help you efficiently navigate around the system.

If you look at the typical screen below, you will see the following:

  1. Certain items on the screen are shown in blue with an underline (ie Bourke,Johanna, bourke[at][dot]au, and Muffett). This indicates that you can click these and jump to the appropriate screen.  Note that if you try the first, you will find that it does not appear to do anything. This is because it takes you to the Customer Information screen and we are already there. If you click on Charges, and then on the customer name, you will be returned to the information screen.
  2. Many of the menu and button names have a single letter underlined (eg the t in Patients, the S in Suppliers, the l in Select). This indicates that holding down the Alt key on the keyboard and pressing the underlined letter is the equivalent of clicking the menu item or button.
  3. All the items that can be clicked change colour/background when you hover the mouse over them. You can see that 'Charges' in the left panel has changed.

NOTE: Don't try to use your browser's Back button to get to a previous screen - you will immediately be logged out.

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