Investigations are any internal or external clinical test or procedure. The facilities to support these are as follows:

  • as many different types of investigations as you want each with its own request form and supplier (ie the lab or organisation that does the test or procedure)
  • the request forms are defined by document templates which enable the generation and printing of customisable forms including the automatically merged customer/patient/clinician details
  • investigations can be initiated either manually or automatically when a product is added to an invoice
  • the investigations and any attached results are displayed in the Patient's Medical record as part of the visit details
  • the request forms can be reprinted
  • investigations are assigned a unique Request Id
  • the document loader program can be used to automatically attach result files (ie reports and images) to the appropriate investigation - this is done via the request id
  • you can have multiple revisions of results files
  • the result files can be of any type (eg .jpg, .png, .doc, .odt, .csv, .xls, .txt, .xyz, .abc, .anything)
  • the ability to list all investigations by status and/or date range.  This displays date, patient, supplier, investigation type, request Id, status and any attached results.  This is ideal for monitoring both internal and external investigation requests.

The tools to set up and use investigations are:


Each investigation has a status - one of:

  • In Progress - the initial status
  • Received - results back
  • Preliminary - results returned but preliminary
  • Final - results returned and final
  • Completed - vet reviewed and owners contacted and whatever other steps were needed
  • Cancelled - investigation has been cancelled

All of these can be set manually. The document loader program sets the status to Received when it imports the results file.

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