The Search screen provides query support for charges.

Charges can be filtered by:

  • Search - criteria to search on. This includes:
    • charge identifier
    • customer name. Partial customer names may be entered
    • customer identifier
  • Type - can be set to All, Counter Sale, Credit Note or Invoice
  • Status - can be set to All, Completed, In Progress or On Hold
  • Date Range - by default, charges for all dates are displayed. To only display those charges created on particular dates, untick All and enter the date range
  • Location - the practice location where the charge was created.
  • Amount - the amount range. When searching by amount, date range must be specified.

Press the:

  • View button to view the selected charge. Double-clicking a charge also does this.
  • Print button to print the selected charge.
  • Mail button to email the selected charge.
  • Report button to print the Charges report.

Searching by Amounts

The Amount field can be used to filter charges by a range of amounts. The left field represents the lower bound, and the right the upper bound of the range.

Amount Description
137.00 137.00 Shows charges with an amount of $137.00
200 500 Shows charges with an amount between $200 and $500 inclusive.
  500.00 Shows charges with an amount <= $500
500.00   Shows charges with an amount >= $500


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