This screen is used to configure the Clickatell Plugin.

For background, Setup - SMS - Plugins

The fields are:

  • API Key
the Clickatell API Key for the REST integration.
  • Country Prefix
the country code, e.g. 61 for Australia, 44 for the UK, etc.
  • Area Prefix
the digit used to prefix the area code, i.e. 0 for Australia
  • From
the SMS sender ID. If specified, it must correspond to one configured with the Clickatell account.
  • Maximum Parts
the maximum number of parts that may be sent in a single message. These are sent as multiple SMS by Clickatell, but are concatenated together so that the recipient sees a single message.
Each part is charged separately by Clickatell.
The specified number must not exceed that of the Clickatell account.
  • Monitor Status
if selected, periodically poll Clickatell for status updates to messages.
  • No. of Days to Monitor
the number of days to monitor


Note: The Country and Area Prefixes are used to send phone numbers to Clickatell in the required format.
That is, the customer's number will be something like 0413 123 456, but Clickatell needs the full international number, i.e. 61413123456.
If the customer lives in another country then their number will be something like (for Hong Kong) 852 1234 5678. To indicate that this is an international number, prefix it with a +, i.e. +85212345678.

The logic is therefore:

  • if the number starts with a +, it is an international number. The + will be removed; else
  • if the number starts with the Area Prefix, then it is a local number. The Area Prefix will be replaced with the Country Prefix added; else
  • the number will be used as is
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