This screen allows you to create/edit/view the details for each Product Type. Each Merchandise, Medication, and Service Product can be given a Product Type. These allow you to:

a) determine how the product appears on the invoice
b) set different taxes by product type
c) set different discounts by product type

The fields are as follows:
Product Type - it's name
Description - you can use this to clarify the type of product
Invoice Sort Order - the lower the number set here, the earlier the item appears on the invoice. If you are using the standard invoice documents, then items having the same number (or no number at all) will be sorted by the date/time that they were added to the invoice - earliest at the top, newest at the bottom. However, if you are using invoices tailored to group items by Product Type, then you will probably need to ensure that the Invoice Sort Order is set to a different value for each product type.
Detail on Invoice - untick this box if you want all the invoice items of the same type combined as one line item on the invoice. Note that this facility is not supported by the invoice documents in the standard distribution. To make use of it requires tailoring of the jrxml file used to print the invoice items.
Active - uncheck the box to deactivate the Product Type
Pharmacy - this is only required if you use the HL7 facility where it is used the set a Pharmacy or Pharmacy Group for all products of this Type

Taxes tab
This is used to display/set the taxes applicable to the Product Type. To adjust, click the tax in the Available or Selected box and then click the > or < button respectively.

Discounts tab
This is used to display/set the discounts applicable to the Product Type. The fields are as follows:
Discount - enter the Discount Type or click the binoculars to select one. Note that you cannot attach Discount Type Groups to a Product Type, only a Discount Type. You can add one or more.
From Date - the date from which the discount will apply
To Date - the date to which the discount will apply - left unspecified this means 'forever'

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