This screen allows you manage the Document Templates. Every form and report has a document template. The template specifies things like usage, paper format, associated printers, its content, and when it is printed.  See also Concepts|Printing for background information, and Template Create/View/Edit for the template details.

As shown below, the system comes with a number of standard templates. You can use these but you will probably want to modify some of them. For example, the system comes with the invoice, statement etc tempates set to use A5 paper.  If you want to use a A4, then you will need to modify the invoice and other templates to use the appropriate A4 content files (eg "invoice a4.jrxml" in place of "invoice a5.jrxml"). You may also want to use a report from the Community Contributions set.  See below for a quick summary of how to do this.

Template Usage: One can divide the templates into three groups:
Reports - you use the Reporting|Reports screen to select the report to run
Selectable forms - (eg Patient Forms) you will be presented with a list to select from
Automatic forms - (eg Invoices) where the system chooses the template.

For the first two you can obviously set up as many as you need - you just choose the one you want. In the last case (eg Invoices) you need to be careful because if you create three different invoice templates, the system will just use the first it finds. This is not normally a problem - after all you only need one type of invoice form. However, if you do want to use different templates for each Practice Location, then you can do this by defining the templates to be used by the location. See Administration|Organisation|Practice Location.

If you do need to create or modify reports and forms, see Reference|Reports and Forms. Note that if you want to modify an existing report or form, then if you View the template, you can then click on the Content field to download the report/form ready for editing.


Installing a new report
To install a new report from the Community set, do as follows:

  1. download the jrxml (or odt) file by right-clicking on the attachment link and using 'Save Link As' (or 'Save Target As' etc depending on your browser) - remember where you saved it
  2. click the New button
  3. on the resulting New Document Template screen set the Type to Report, then click the Upload button. If it's not a report, then you need to set the appropriate Type.
  4. on the resulting window, click Browse and navigate to where you downloaded the file and select it. Click the Send button.
  5. back at the Edit Document Template screen, click the OK button

Changing a report from A5 to A4
The system comes with some things (eg invoices, credit notes etc) set to use A5 paper. To switch to the A4 versions do as follows:

  1. select the required report (see table below) and then click the Edit button
  2. on the resulting  Edit Document Template screen, click the Upload button
  3. on the resulting window, click Browse and navigate to the <OPENVPMS HOME>\reports folder, eg C:\OpenVPMS\openvpms-release-1.7\reports and select the appropriate file (see table below). Click the Send button.
  4. back at the Edit Document Template screen, click the OK button

Note that many reports consist of a main and sub-report. For these repeat the above for the sub-report.

The following table showns the files used for each report that has A4 and A5 versions. The name of the Document template for the sub-reports is always that in first column with " Items" appended, eg Invoice Items.

Document Size Report Sub-report
Counter Sale A4 countersale a4.jrxml countersaleItems.jrxml
  A5 countersale a5.jrxml countersaleItemsA5.jrxml
Credit A4 credit a4.jrxml creditItems.jrxml
  A5 credit a5.jrxml creditItemsA5.jrxml
Desexing Certificate A4 desexing certificate a4.odt  
  A5 desexing certificate a5.odt  
Estimation A4 estimation a4.jrxml estimationitems.jrxml
  A5 estimation a5.jrxml estimationitemsa5.jrxml
Grouped Reminders Report A4 grouped reminders a4.jrxml  
  A5 grouped reminders postcard.jrxml  
Invoice A4 invoice a4.jrxml invoiceitems.jrxml
  A5 invoice a5.jrxml invoiceitemsa5.jrxml
Invoice Reminders A4   invoiceRemindersA4.jrxml
  A5   invoiceRemindersA5.jrxml
Patient Clinical Event A4 patientClinicalEvent a4.jrxml  
  A5 patientClinicalEvent a5.jrxml  
Receipt A4 receipt a4.jrxml receiptItems.jrxml
  A5 receipt a5.jrxml receiptItemsA5.jrxml
Statement A4 statement A4.jrxml statementItems.jrxml
  A5 statement A5.jrxml statementItems A5.jrxml
Vaccination Certificate A4 vaccination certificate a4.odt  
  A5 vaccination certificate a5.odt  
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