This is an experimental facility and not completely implemented. It allows you to control and experiment with the stylesheet parameters that define the layout of the OpenVPMS screens.

OpenVPMS has a set of stylesheets for different screen resolutions.  This facility allows you to modify the parameters for each resolution, define a new resolution, and to open a new window with a specified resolution to see how things look.

Note that any changes made will be lost when you log out.  That is, this facility is for experimenting with the effects of stylesheet changes, not permanently making them.

The screen is as follows:

The fields are:
Resolution - a pull-down list of the available resolutions. Initially this will show 'Default' and the screen width and height will be that of your screen.
Screen Width and Height - the screen width and height corresponding to the resolution
Property - this column showns the name of the property. These are fixed and cannot be modified, deleted or added to.
Expression - this column shows the expression used to determine the value of the property. As you can see the majority consist of a number multiplied by a parameter such as the font size, screen height or width.

The buttons are as follows:
Add - opens a window to allow you to add a new screen resolution - you can also edit the various settings. When you press the OK button, the current display will be updated to reflect your settings.
Edit - opens a window to allow you to modify the expressions for the currently selected resolution. To get these to be applied to the current screen, press the OK button on the edit screen, and then press the Add button and immediately OK it.
Change Resolution - displays a window to allow you to set a screen width and height and then opens a new OpenVPMS window with that width and height. This allows you to see what the screens will look like on a screen of that size.
Revert Changes - enables you to discard all changes you made in this session
Export - displays a note window displaying the settings. Note that the properties are held as a default set with overrides for each resolution.  Hence, if you press Export when the Resolution is shown as Default, there will be a full set of properties shown in the note window. However, if you call up say 800x600 resolution and then press Export, you will see only a very small number of properties - and these are the ones in the full set that are overridden for 800x600 resolution.

For permanent changes you need to edit the properties files in the <TOMCAT HOME>\webapps\openvpms\WEB-INF\classes\style directory.

If you are changing an existing resolution, say 800x600, then you only need to edit the file

If you are creating a new resolution, say 600x1024, then you need to create the file and fill it with the information copied from the note window displayed by the Export button. Then you need to add the new resolution to the list in the file.

Finally you need to restart Tomcat to make the changes take effect.

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