Deputy Integration

OpenVPMS supports integrating Workflow - Rostering with Deputy:

  • Two-way shift synchronisation is supported.
  • Synchronisation is performed for OpenVPMS Roster Areas that have been mapped to a corresponding Area in Deputy.
  • Synchronisation is performed for shifts starting today, and 30 days (by default) into the future. Historical shifts are not synchronised
  • OpenVPMS shifts that cannot be synchronised will be flagged as an error in Workflow - Rostering

This requires:

  1. a Deputy account
  2. rostering to be configured
  3. a Permanent Token for plugin authorisation
  4. the Deputy plugin to be installed
  5. the Deputy plugin to be configured

1. Deputy Account

Deputy accounts can be obtained at

This includes free trial accounts.

2. Configuring Rostering

See How To - Rostering.

3. Plugin authorisation token

In order for OpenVPMS to connect to Deputy, a Permanent Token must be generated.

There is an animated GIF showing this under the Permanent Token section of Deputy's API Authentication page.

  1. Go to https://<your deputy host>
  2. Click 'New OAuth Client'
  3. Fill out the fields:
    Name: OpenVPMS
    Redirect Uri: http://localhost
  4. Click 'Save This OAuth Client'
  5. Click 'Get An Access Token'
    This will display a prompt:

    Access Token is 9878a0425d4b6287131501751a407e19. This is a long life token that will last 10 years.

  6. Record your Access Token.

4. Plugin Installation

To install the Deputy plugin:

  1. Go to Administration - System - Plugins
  2. Click 'Install Plugin'
  3. Upload the Deputy plugin from <OPENVPMS_HOME>/plugins/deputy-openvpms-plugin.jar
    For OpenVPMS 2.3, the plugin is named deputy-openvpms-plugin-2.3.jar
  4. Log-out/in. This is required as the plugin archetypes aren't visible
5. Plugin Configuration

To configure the Deputy plugin:

  1. Go to Administration - Organisation
  2. Click New - Deputy Service
    Fill out the fields: 
  1. Click Apply
  2. If no Mappings are displayed, click Refresh
  3. Map Roster Areas and Employees
  • Only those Roster Areas that are mapped will be synchronised.
  • If a Roster Area is synchronised that has users that aren't mapped to Deputy Employees, affected shifts will be highlighted in the Workflow - Rostering
  1. Configure the synchronisation frequency
    By default, synchronisation happens every 30 minutes.
    This can be set to 5 minutes. Any lower frequency setting will be treated as 5 minutes.
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