Upgrading to OpenVPMS version 1.4

This page outlines the required steps to upgrade a 1.3 release OpenVPMS installation to release 1.4.

Step Description 
Download OpenVPMS Installation Files 
  • Download the latest OpenVPMS Installation files from here.
  • Unzip the Installation Pack onto your OpenVPMS server; This should create a openvpms-release-1.4 folder with the necessary files to install or update OpenVPMS.
Stop Tomcat Service 
  • Stop Tomcat
Database Backup The 1.3 to 1.4 database upgrade process is quite extensive so we strongly suggest performing a MySQL database backup prior to attempting the upgrade.  Use the MySQl administrative tool or phpmyadmin under Linux to create a backup.
OpenVPMS Database Upgrade Depending on the size of your OpenVPMS database the upgrade process can take some time so we suggest you give yourself plenty of time for the process to complete.
  • Open a command prompt.
  • Navigate to openvpms-release-1.4\update\db folder
  • Start the mysql command line client and enter the following commands 
    mysql -u root -p
    mysql> use openvpms;
    mysql> source migrate-1.3-to-1.4.sql ;
    mysql> quit;
Download and install the Mysql JDBC driver  This release does not package  the Mysql database JDBC driver that is required by OpenVPMS to talk to a Mysql database installation.  This is due to license restrictions on the Mysql connector. 

Using your current OpenVPMS-1.3 installation you can copy the necessary files from this installation to the  new 1.3installation and Tomcat using these instructions:
  • In the openvpms-release-1.3\lib folder find the file mysql-connector-java-5.1.5-bin.jar and copy to openvpms-release-1.4\lib folder.
  • This file should already be in the Tomcat shared\lib  folder from the 1.3 upgrade.
Reload the Archetypes 
  • Navigate to C:\openvpms-release-1.4\bin
  • Run the archetype load utility  by typing archload
Update the OpenVPMS web application 
  • Navigate to the Apache Tomcat webapps folder
  • Delete the existing  openvpms.war file
  • Delete the existing openvpms folder
  • Copy the  openvpms.war  file from the openvpms-release-1.4\webapps  folder to the Tomcat webapps folder.
Start Tomcat 
  • Restart Tomcat


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