This is the screen used to create, forward or reply to a message.

The fields are as follows:
From - this will always show your name, you cannot pretend to be someone else
To - enter the names of the User(s) or User Group(s) to whom you wish to send the message. Multiple names must be separated by semi-colons. This is in fact a search field (even though it does not have the binoculars icon) and you can enter just 'r' to select Receptionists.
If you are replying to a message, then this will be prefilled with the sender's name.
Subject - you must enter a subject. If you are replying, then original subject will be shown prefixed by "Re: "; if forwarding then by "Fwd: ".
Customer & Patient - use these to enter the customer and patient, if applicable.  If you are creating a message and do have a current customer and patient in the Customer and Patient workspaces (which will be the case most of the time), then they will be shown here.  Hence if you want to send a message unrelated to the customer and patient, you will need to clear these two fields.
If you are forwarding or replying to a message, these will be set from the original message.
Reason - select the reason from the pull down list. The system comes with two, Phone and Other, but your admisistrator can add more using Administration|Lookups|Messsage Reason.
Message - enter the message text. As with any text field, you can use macros if you want. If you are replying to a message then the original text will be shown prefixed by a line giving the date/time and sender of the original message. Similarly, if you are forwarding a message, the complete header (To/From/date,time/Subject) and text will be shown.
Note that the message text is optional - ie you can send a 'subject only' message like "Staff meeting 8am Wednesday - Be There".

Press Send to send the message, Cancel to abort.

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