OpenVPMS can:

Policy and Claims

  • Policies and insurance claims are managed via the Patient - Medical Records - Insurance window.
  • If a patient has an insurance policy, it will be displayed in the patient summary.
  • The status of all claims can be monitored via Reporting - Insurance.
  • If a patient has a policy, the user will be prompted to make a claim against that policy at Check Out

PetSure VetHub

PetSure VetHub provides online claims support.


  • enables the status of claims to be automatically updated
  • provides gap claim support

See Online insurance claims with PetSure VetHub for more details.

Email Claims

Claims can be submitted via email. The email will contain:

  • the claim summary i.e. customer and patient information, and the policy number
  • invoices being claimed
  • the patient history

Print Claims

Claims can be printed, for insurers that don't support online submission.


Insurer Claim Forms

For insurers that receive claim via email or post, OpenVPMS includes a default insurance claim form.

For insurers that have specific form requirements, the Insurer has a Claim Form field. This should be assigned a Document Template with Type set to  Insurance Claim - Custom.

For an example template, see the default claim form at: <OPENVPMS_HOME>/reports/Patient/Insurance/A4/Insurance Claim.jrxml









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