This Investigations screen is used to display the status of investigations. For background see Concepts|Investigations. (The screen shot below is taken from a live system with adjustments to the screen display.)

This is a standard select screen. As well as the date range you can select by:
Status - can be set to All, Cancelled, Completed, Final, In Progress, Preliminary or Received - see below

The column headings are as follows:
Date - the date on which the investigation was initiated
Investigation Type - the type of investigation - clicking on the link takes you to the Administration|Types|Investigation View screen to view the details
Patient - the patient - this is a link and you can click on it to go to the patient's medical records screen
Request Id - the unique number that identifies the investigation
Status - the status - see below
Product - the product that invoked the investigation, or, if the investigation was manually initiated, the product (if any) specified
Clinician - the name of the clinician (note that in this example the practice is using the convention of using 'short names' for their clinicians) - clicking on the link takes you to the Workflow|Messaging screen to display messages to this clinician
Supplier - the organisation doing the test or procedure - clicking on the link takes you to the Suppliers|Information screen to display the supplier's details
Report - if results have been received, they will be shown here - clicking on the link will display or download the result image/document. Note that in the above screen shot you can see that the majority of the results files have the investigation number as the first part of the file name - this allows the automatic loading of the results file by the document loader program.

The status will be one of the following:

  • In Progress - the initial status
  • Received - results back
  • Preliminary - results returned but preliminary
  • Final - results returned and final
  • Completed - vet reviewed and owners contacted and whatever other steps were needed
  • Cancelled - investigation has been cancelled

All of these can be set manually. The document loader program sets the status to Received when it imports the results file.

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